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Dirty Dog Wash

Home of the Five-Dollar-Friday Toenail Clipping!
9-11 am every Friday.

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Dirty Dog Wash

Home of the Five-Dollar-Friday Toenail Clipping!

9-11 am every Friday

1575 B St, Blaine, WA 98230


“Cleaning up Birch Bay & Blaine, one dirty dog at a time.”

Custom Shampoo

We will use the best quality shampoos, chosen to match your pet’s needs. If appropriate, a complimentary Blueberry Tearless facial by Spa will be gently massaged onto the head and ears.

Deep Treatment Conditioner

Gentle formula loosens mats and makes for a more effective and less stressful brushout.

Hand Drying

Each dog is dried using a combination of hand­held dryers & stands dryers. A cool air kennel dryer may be used when the dog is unable to handle the stronger dryers.

Deep Brushing

Proper brushing techniques, aided by the deep treatment conditioner leaves the coat free of mats.

Personalized Styling

How do you want your best friend to look? It’s up to you….let us know and we will do the “Do” for you!

Nail Trimming

Very important to your dog’s structural health. Overly long nails can negatively impact, not only the foot joints, but how your dog moves.

Additional services that you may want for your dog friend.

(Fees apply to add­-on services)

  • Paw massage ­ We will massage virgin organic coconut oil into the pads to soften and help relieve cracked, dry pads. This can also help with slipping on wooden or vinyl flooring.
  • De-skunk treatment ­ We can reduce or eliminate the smell. Don’t try to rinse off skunk spray first! Let us attack the problem with a special neutralizing solution.
  • De-flea shampoo ­ We deep clean your itchy pet with natural, flea killing shampoo that also soothes the irritated skin.
  • Nail grinding ­ This softens the edges of the freshly trimmed nails and encourages the “quick” to re­seal.
  • Anal Expression ­ Some dogs need it, some dogs don’t. If your dog is “scooting” on his/her rear or licking, it could be a sign the glands need emptying.
  • Tooth brushing ­ Bad breath and visible tartar build­up are signs your dog could benefit from a visit to the vet. Our dental cleaning is to help maintain a healthy mouth.

Try out our self-service wash. Why wash your dog in a slippery tub at home?

Grooming supplies are available in our retail store.

Dirty Dog Wash

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Dirty Dog Wash
1575 B St.
Blaine, WA 98230

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